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I went through the entire site and listened to all three episodes and loved them. Everything was fabulous. The narration is sensational and the text is beautifully done because it really makes you excited to know about the life of the composer. It’s written so that it can hit a new audience as well as a sophisticated audience. The site was easy to navigate and I was able to go to the cart and all those kinds of things with no problem. This is a game changer for classical music.

Mona Golabek, Pianist, author, actor
“The Pianist of Willesden Lane”
Los Angeles, CA

I loved the podcast! I like the choice of pieces and recordings of them a lot. I think the length is fine, and I think each piece was long enough to demonstrate what the narrator was saying. I sometimes teach a beginning theory class and a music appreciation-type class at Lake Forest College, and I could and would use this program for them (although people with musical knowledge would also find it interesting and engaging). Do you have plans to use it for educational purposes? However, anything much longer might possibly lose some audience members. I liked everything about it!

Thanks for the opportunity, and I’d love to hear other programs in the series as you finish them.

Debbie Katz Knowles
Lake Forest (IL) Symphony

I have spent my entire professional life in the field of classical music radio.  As Head of the Swiss Radio Music department, the French network and for many years the Head of Music of Euroradio at the European Broadcasting Union, the largest organization of its kind in the world, I have spent a lifetime seeking better approaches to helping listeners understand and appreciate classical music. In these endeavors, it would have been a great help to have had a series such as this one. Beethoven is a world unto itself as he shaped our minds and opened our hears and these episodes are the long-expected key to enter that world: the choice of music is perfect, the presentation is lively and the script is just the right length. Congratulations.

Pierre-Yves Tribolet
Media Advisor
“La Bergerie”
Route de Baumaroche, 10

I loved it! And learned a good amount too!  It’s definitely a great opportunity for the casual listener to learn more and develop a lifelong love of classical music and music history.  Weaving real stories about the great composer’s life through his musical masterpieces… a proven concept I know well!

Paul Pement
Executive and Artistic Director
Classical Kids Music Education
Chicago, IL


I have just finished listening to the three installments of the Beethoven program. I found them to be excellent and unique…lots of musical breadth and also some very interesting insights into the personal life of the great composer. I can imagine that one hardly knows where to start in drawing together the huge well of information on Beethoven and presenting it in just the right way, together with choosing which music to include, but you have done it beautifully.

Richard Childress, Founder
His Majesty’s Men
London, England

The recordings, playing and production are world-class.  The use of contrast in the excerpts and in parallel with telling the story is striking and appropriate to such a giant of contrast.  I was waiting for something calm and dark; it came at just the right time–good going.  The bio information is revelatory without being excessive, in other words: without getting enmeshed in too much chronology, the narration hits Beethoven’s evolution as a composer and his relation to other composers, Haydn’s mentorship, society and history in general.  Good reiterated symbol of ‘doors opening wide’.  Very good, touching context for Testament with slow movement of Beethoven 7th. Excellent description of contrasts in words and music in segment on Third Symphony, without being pedantic.

William ‘Bill’ Cernota, ‘Cellist
Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra (since 1982)
Music Faculty: Loyola University Chicago

The three episodes are a wonderful blending of narration about Beethoven’s history with his music-creating a ‘story’ that was compelling to listen to.  I would get a ‘nugget’ of information and then an ‘interlude’ of his music, allowing me to process the words I just hear and follow along in the progression of his career.   In our hectic world too much verbiage is not welcome, and our minds wander on to the next thing on our list.  But this was good ‘story telling’ as well as enlightening.  A wonderful study in Beethoven for all ages. 

Lora Black, Host/producer
NET Radio
Lincoln, NE

This three part series on the life and music of Beethoven, produced by Classical Profiles, is a superb introduction to the wonderful world of Beethoven. The story of Beethoven’s life and extraordinary artistic output is brilliantly elucidated with a combination of interesting narrative and selections from Beethoven’s most famous pieces of music. Anyone interested in teaching or learning about the glorious music of Beethoven should start here. The excerpts are taken from world-class recordings and the engaging narrative touches on the most important aspects of Beethoven”s life within the historical context while providing compelling observations about the music itself.

Drostan Hall, Founder and Conductor
Camerata Chicago
Wheaton, IL

Congratulations! These programs are fantastic. The project you have begun is a great concept and already presents a wonderful trove of information that could be used by people of any music education level in seeking a better understanding of Beethoven and his work. I am looking forward to all the topics you will present as your project unfolds.  My best wishes for your project and the great opportunities it will create for educators and music lovers.

 Matthew Comerford, Co-Assistant Principal Trumpet
Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra
Lecturer in Trumpet at DePaul University School of Music
Trumpet Studio
Tower Brass of Chicago, Director
Chicago, IL