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Each episode contains excerpts from over a dozen of Beethoven’s greatest compositions. Forty-five excerpts in all. The three episodes provide a unique, compelling, entertaining and educational overview of his life and music.

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I loved it!

It's definitely a great opportunity for the casual listener to learn more and develop a lifelong love of classical music and music history.  Weaving real stories about the great composer’s life through his musical masterpieces... a proven concept I know well! - Paul Pement

Excellent and Unique

Lots of musical breadth and also some very interesting insights into the personal life of the great composer. I can imagine that one hardly knows where to start in drawing together the huge well of information on Beethoven and presenting it in just the right way, together with choosing which music to include, but you have done it beautifully. - Richard Childress

The program was glorious

Musical selections were uplifting and narrative gentle and informative. I was carried away to a different time on a road paved with fragrant flowers. And I was not the only one. At one point I looked up and noticed all the trees and bushes were adorned with birds. They were not singing or moving, just sitting and listening to "my" music." It flowed beautifully and I look forward to listening to the other Beethoven programs. Please let me know when you have more assembled! - Sylvia Guarino

The programs are fantastic!

The project you have begun is a great concept and already presents a wonderful trove of information that could be used by people of any music education level in seeking a better understanding of Beethoven and his work. I am looking forward to all the topics you will present as your project unfolds.  My best wishes for your project and the great opportunities it will create for educators and music lovers. - Mathew Comerford

Everything was fabulous.

The narration is sensational and the text is beautifully done because it really makes you excited to know about the life of the composer. It’s written so that it can hit a new audience as well as a sophisticated audience. The site was easy to navigate and I was able to go to the cart and all those kinds of things with no problem. This is a game changer for classical music." - Mona Golabek

Ludwig van Beethoven

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